The Richmond Food Co-op will be a member-owned full service grocery store providing affordable, local, sustainable and healthy food options.

Guiding Principles
The Richmond Food Co-op operates under the following principles:
  • Provide healthy and delicious food from local suppliers that use environmentally and socially responsible practices.
  • Improve access to organic and local crops by offering often lower prices for equal or better quality products than those available in traditional grocery stores.
  • Employ a democratic process structured around community decision making and benefits.
  • Drive Community education on nutrition and healthy eating. 
Membership = Ownership
The Richmond Food Co-op focuses on people before profit and is driven to increase Richmond’s access to quality sustainable food. By definition, cooperative enterprises are member-owned, member-serving and member-driven organizations that use a democratic model to promote sustainable development. The Richmond Food Co-op is thus owned exclusively by its members, and each member holds an equal share of the business. All members/owners can participate in the democratic governance of their store.  Board members rotate and are selected through a general election open to all members/owners. When the Co-op begins to make a profit, members decide democratically to return profits back to themselves and/or reinvest back into the Co-op for continued mission development.

In exchange for a small financial investment, anyone can join the Co-op and become a member/owner. The investment helps to secure the low prices that the Co-op is committed to offer.
  • $25 joining fee per household (non-refundable, covers administrative costs) +
  • $125 investment per adult member (non-interest bearing & refundable)
  • Qualifying members are eligible for income-based reduced pricing

While the Co-op will allow non-members to shop, they will not be eligible to buy goods at the low member price and will not receive the benefit of voting and owning a share in the Co-op. The non-member price is still expected to be competitive with other local grocers.

Email us via Richmondfoodcoop@gmail.com or call us: 804-384-0583. 

Find us on Facebook & Twitter and learn more on our FAQ's pages.

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