Monday, September 22, 2014

Co-op Cohorts: Museum District Report

Co-op Cohorts are a new initiative of small neighborhood communities amongst our Co-op membership base. As we near 600 member/owners we want to ensure that you still have the opportunity to create meaningful relationships and networks amongst your fellow members. Our leadership team is growing with 5 Cohorts formed and planning their initial get togethers. Each month we will take the opportunity to introduce you to the leaders and neighborhoods who make up our larger Co-op community. We are still looking for representation in a few pockets of town so email us if you're interested in getting involved! 

I recently moved from Church Hill and now make the Museum District my home. I look forward to not only meeting my new neighbors, but also my fellow Richmond Food Co-op members who live nearby.  I met recently with my new neighbor, and fellow member, Kristin Klein who is helping to lead our neighborhood cohort.  We are planning some events for this year as well as the next, in hopes that we can create a stronger bond amongst our members while exploring new ways to recruit others.  Our first event will take place next month at the VMFA.  We hope to bring our members together for a picnic in the sculpture garden. The invite will be coming soon! 

In November we hope to have a follow up at the VMFA, with a food related art tour that is part of the upcoming Flour and Fork event.  I highly encourage everyone to further explore the upcoming Fire, Flour and Fork event.  It is a weekend food event like no other Richmond has seen, that blends the best of Richmond’s culinary scene through lectures, dinners, tours and demonstrations. We are blessed to have so many festivals, award winning restaurants, parks, breweries, and markets in which we can all find time to gather and share new ideas for making our Co-op the best that it can be.  

We are so very fortunate to be living in a city that is part of a culinary revolution.  Our local establishments are receiving an unprecedented amount of national and international acclaim.  Let’s make our Co-op part of this momentum.  Meet with your fellow members, form new friendships, spread the word about how much better our city can be once we are able to walk through those doors and have the local bounty at our finger tips!

-Brett Hunnicutt, Co-op Member/Owner & Cohort Leader

Friday, September 12, 2014

Community Forums Are Back!

Have you heard the word? Community Forums are making their fall debut next Wednesday, September 17th at 6:30pm! This month we will meet at Gather (409 E. Main Street). The forums are free, open to the public, and the best way to get in the know about Richmond's food future. If you're not a member yet come join us (and join us!) for an overview of cooperative principals, the benefits to having a co-op in Richmond, and the reason that membership = ownership.

If you are a member help us spread the word - our Community Forums are the best way to grow our membership because once people know about the Co-op how can they not want to join?! Invite your friends to become a part of the movement.

Also, any existing members who want to get involved can join us at the same time and place for a Co-op Cohort Ambassador meeting. It's time to get back to your Co-op!