Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Earth Day Principles

Earth Day.  Earth Week.  Earth Month.  Earth Year.  
As this formal celebration of our home planet winds down, let's reflect on our actions, decisions, and commitments to the environment.  We are indeed charged with the responsibility of making changes that will help align our values with our conduct.  Our industrial food system as it is today is loud, big, and destructive.  We know that.  Food cooperatives remediate this impact by exchanging it for locally grown, sustainable, healthy, happy produce and products. 

A big welcome to Giles, one of our new Earth Day member/owners

It’s time to do your best for our bitty part on the Earth called Richmond.  If you haven’t yet become a member/owner of the Richmond Food Co-op, the time is now.  For those of you who have already made this commitment, refer a friend.  Act out your Earth Day principles.
Eat:  Fresh food.  Eat it.
Act:  Don’t stand by the sidelines.
Recycle:  Co-ops are great recyclers.  
Together:  Cooperation is where it’s at.
Healthy:  Food. Mind. Body.  
Decision:  If you have the choice, make the right one.
Affordable:  Shop at the Co-op, knowing you are paying a price that’s as low as possible.
Yours:  And Mine.  And Ours.  The Co-op belongs to us all.
Growing our membership opens our doors. 
Next year let’s celebrate Earth Day together at the Co-op!

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