Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I do! Do you?

June is Membership Month here at the Co-op!

What does that mean? 

It means we want to take a minute and say a great big thank you to the 200+ amazing Founding and Pioneering Member/Owners who have taken a leap of faith and said YES! Sign me up! I believe in this Co-op! I believe in this city! I believe in my community!

It also means the time has come to commit. 

Maybe you've had a secret crush on the Co-op for a while. You dream about your future together, strolling down the aisle of fresh beautiful food. You long for that grocery love you can call your own. But for now you watch from the sidelines, not wanting to be the one to make the first move.

Maybe you've been flirting with the Co-op for a while. You've had a few drinks, checked out our Facebook page, liked a few pictures. But you've been keeping your cool, knowing you'll join when you're ready.

Maybe the Co-op is almost everything you've ever wanted - so close to that ideal you've been waiting for all your life. But you worry that it requires compromise to make it work.

Maybe you've just met the Co-op and you feel a flutter with feeling. But you're worried that it all seems so fast.

Well the time has come. The C word. This is one relationship you want to be in for the long haul because your Co-op loves you back. We are committed to caring for you, growing with you and creating memories together.  But here's a little secret - this relationship is reciprocal and your Co-op needs you. If everyone who likes our Facebook page, follows us on Twitter and reads this blog joined today we would have more than enough members to open tomorrow. If every existing Member/Owner referred just one friend we would be half way there. 

We are all in. We are popping the question. We sure hope you say yes. Let's start our food future together.

It's time.

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