Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Feeding More

When I found out about the Co-op’s volunteer day at Shalom Farms earlier this summer, I jumped at the opportunity to tag along. As a FeedMore Chef I have had the pleasure to work with the beautiful produce Shalom donates to our Community Kitchen, where it is used for meals in the Kids Café and Meals on Wheels Programs. I wanted to be a part of what that days harvest was to yield; I wanted to better understand where the food I was cooking with was coming from; and I wanted to meet the individuals who make so much food so easily accessible to so many insecure families.

If you are visiting this website and reading this blog then you are one of the lucky ones. You understand the need for a drastic change in the way our nation’s communities and families are educated and nourished. You understand the value of quality foods and how they affect our lives. You are aware that “meal time” is one of the most important traditions in our culture and cultures around the world, as it brings families and neighbors together, further strengthening the fabric of our communities. If our meals are composed of foods that are unhealthy and tainted with harmful pesticides, chemicals, and ingredients that could never occur in nature, and produced by way of unsafe and unsustainable methods, then our neighborhoods are bound for figurative and literal mal nutrition.

We must repair our communities. We must educate and nourish our youth. We must provide our next generation with the knowledge needed to eat well and the courage necessary to take a stand against poor food practices. A great way to start is by coming together as a community to volunteer our time and energy. This Friday’s Co-op Volunteer Day in FeedMore’s Community Kitchen, where we feed 1400-3500 kids a day, means you are bound to make a tangible difference in a child’s life. I began as a volunteer at FeedMore, and believe in its mission and value to our city. This Co-op is a way to honor our values through action. Let’s get the ball rolling to create the momentum for change.

-Brandon Walton, Co-op Member/Owner

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