Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Member/Owner Hosted Parties: Let's Grow OUR Co-op!

Dear Fellow Co-op Member/Owners,

I wanted to share with you about a party that I recently hosted - it was very easy, a great success, and something you can do too to help the Co-op grow. I invited friends to drinks and appetizers on a Sunday afternoon and had a board member talk about the Co-op and the importance for our community. It was also an opportunity to answer any questions my friends had about the logistics of this start up.

I am sure we all have friends that want to join, but don’t realize they need to join now, not once the Co-op opens. Also, friends who may have doubts or questions need a comfortable setting to discuss and get a clearer understanding of what this is all about. Hosting my friends, letting them know why I care about this venture, and inviting them to join us in making it happen was truly easy and fun!

Many friends joined both that night and in the weeks that followed, and I am proud to have done my part to bring us closer to opening our doors. Did you know that if every existing member/owner got just 2 people to join we would be at our goal of 1000? Because of this party I am proud to welcome 8 of my dear friends into our cooperative community.

We need to get more active, proactive, and make our Co-op a living reality. I hope you join me and host a party of your own!

For info on throwing a party check out this handy guide, and email info@richmondfoodcoop.com to set yours up today!

-Patricia Michelsen King, Co-op Member/Owner

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