Thursday, April 16, 2015

In Our Own Words: Member Testimonial (Grant H.)

If you have ever had to brave the Ellwoods parking lot after work or on a weekend, then you will understand why Richmond needs more grocery store choices. The demand is there. And another big national brand like Whole Foods is not going to satisfy that desire for everyone. Not for me. I want a Richmond grown organization. Something that I can feel a part of and work together with my neighbors on. Something woven into the community. A grocery store that aggressively supports local vendors and farmers. Local products aren't just a feature on the end of an isle in the very back of the store. They are more than that. They are part of the mission statement and the focus.

I also want more value. Being part of a member owned store, I will eventually get return on my investment, that will help save me money on a small part of my groceries. There will also be featured specials for members and other opportunities to save and get more bang for my buck, while still eating healthy. I also appreciate the income based reduced pricing. Eating right should not just be for the wealthy and privileged.

The co op is also about a community of people. There are notifications about events and get togethers with people in my neighborhood. There is a book club and other opportunities to meet people I would have otherwise never come across. It brings people with a similar desire to make a difference through food, health, and well being, under one roof.

-Grant Hunnicutt, Richmond Food Co-op Member/Owner

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