Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why a co-op?

Dear Richmond,

I know we’re hungry.  And it’s time to feed the fire in our bellies.

We have done a good job bringing more local food options to Richmond.  It’s happening in conjunction with a broader growth and enlivening of our city center.  But we can continue to improve our food access and build our community with the birth of a very special business model:  the cooperative.

Imagine a grocery store with a bottom line of providing food options that are as local, as organic, and as affordable as possible.  Then picture yourself voting on who runs the place and ultimately what stocks the shelves.  If you decide to become a member of the Richmond Food Co-op, you will have an equal share in the business.  We all will.  For a co-op is communally and democratically owned, so as members we all get a voice in the operations.

This can’t happen without you!  The Richmond Food Co-op depends on members to open and to operate, and we need to grow our community of support.  This is a unique opportunity to join a start-up venture that has the potential to change Richmond’s food landscape in a critical and meaningful way.

Today, so much of what we eat has already been decided for us.  The best of intentions to eat healthy, local foods can be undermined by a poor grocery store selection or prohibitive prices.  We can, however, assume control of our food buying options and not wait for others to do it for us. 

Dear Richmond:  We are fired up to renovate our great city neighborhoods, beautify our riverfront, and expand our arts scene.  Let’s build on this momentum and make our food access richer, more varied, and more affordable.  I know we’re hungry.  So let’s eat!

Susan Hill

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