Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Richmond Food Co-op "Goals for 2013"

We are so thrilled to bring in the New Year! We will have plenty of events that we hope will help you to get to know us better. One event we are looking forward to is our meet and greet January 31st at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery! Stand by for all the details early in 2013.

As we head into the new year, we here at the Richmond Food Co-op have some resolutions of our own we'd like to share and several of them you can help us achieve!

Richmond Food Co-op 2013 Resolutions
  1. 800 members by September 1st 2013. Our membership drive will begin early in January with more details to come!
  2. Building partnerships with local business who support our vision.
  3. 2000 followers on the Richmond Food Co-op Facebook Page!
  4. Growing our community and spreading the word through member-hosted Pot Luck parties.
  5. Keeping and growing money in our local economy through community investments and 200 member loans.
  6. 1000 followers on the Richmond Food Co-op Twitter Page!
  7. Host 12 member and non-member "Meet and Greets" (remember the 1st one is January 31st).
  8. Supporting as many local farms and artisan food sources as possible.
  9. Growing our network of volunteer and support; media, sales, and event experts.
  10. Have our physical space picked out and defined as early as we can in 2013.
  11. Once we've defined the space, getting those doors open for shopping!
So to say we have some lofty resolutions is an understatement, but it will ultimately start with YOUour members. We have some exciting ideas to help our efforts once our memberships start rolling in — some of which involve a Kickstarter campaign and a Member Loan Drive. More to come!

So with that, all of us here at the Richmond Food Co-op wish you a Happy New Year — with much prosperity and good health in 2013! We are so excited to get to meet all of you in the community.

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