Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wide World of Co-ops

Maps tell the best stories.  And this map is making a couple of points:

1)  Richmond can support a co-op.

  • Our smaller VA cities (whom we love) are showing us up.  Take a look:
    • Harrisonburg, VA: Population 49,973
    • Roanoke, VA: Population 96,714
  • Neighboring states have cities comparable and larger in size to us that have thriving food co-ops:
    • Durham, NC: 233,252
    • Greensboro, NC: Population 273,425

Richmond, VA:  Population 205,533

2)  Richmond needs a co-op. 

Looking at Richmond on this map, it's clear that we are smack in an underserved area.  There are 7 food co-ops in North Carolina and 5 in Maryland. Virginia's capital needs to be represented in the co-op landscape.

So we're doing something about it.  As we write this post, we are 75 members strong and barely a week into our membership campaign.  We have the momentum, and we are funneling it into action.

Let's be the cartographers of our own food destiny. Together we will put Richmond on the map and help fill that hole!

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